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People who use this new “story brand framework” see an average of 10-30% increase in new customers

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Build Credibility

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Clarify your Message

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Get Clients Faster

Is a wrongly designed website hurting your sales?

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Heres the secret

A successful website needs 3 things…

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1. Attractive design

A study at Stanford University found that the BIGGEST way people decide about a business is the website design. 

Nearly half of all consumers (or 46.1%) in the study assessed the credibility of sites based in part on the appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes.

BUT, an attractive design is NOT enough! Read on…

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2. Words

People buy when they read or hear words that make them want to buy.

We use the 7-Part story brand framework to do this.

It’s the best way to communicate how your organization is relevant to the customer.

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3. A clear path to turn visitors into customers

How many people land on your website?

And because they are not in “buy now” mood, they disappear in 5 seconds?

Is your website a jungle of information, or does it guide visitors to the “next step”?

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If you want to use your website
to grow your business,
you must have a website that
guides your customers to understand:

  • WHO you are
  • WHAT you offer
  • and WHY it matters…
and in 7 seconds or less

To accomplish this, we use STORY BRAND messaging.

Story brand is a messaging framework created by New York Times Best-Selling author, Donald Miller. 

It uses 7 elements of storytelling to help you invite your customer into a story that ends in their own success. 

It’s based on Holywood’s success, and the frameworks for blockbusters, because it’s a proven way to engage with people and the way we humans think. 

The customer becomes the Hero of the story you want to tell, and you are the expert guide, directing them to the next clear step in the customer journey.


Why it works

Believe it or not, it's not just a pretty website that sells. It's also the words.

We know that web design is complicated. Here’s the thing: People buy when they read or hear words that make them want to buy.
If you want your business to grow, you must create a website that speaks to your customers’ problems and shows how you can guide them to success, by using story-based messaging and impactful design tactics.
Don’t fall victim to expensive web designers who make a beautiful website with little regard to marketing your business.
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Website Quick-Test

“Text-Only” Test

Try this. Go grab all the text on your website, and put it into a word document, without any pictures. Does that convince you?
Here’s something else: Are you saying something different than your competitors? Are you giving your competitors anything to help them make a decision other than price?
For example, other web design companies might just show fancy images of how creative they are.
Some say “A web agency that loves creative web design, good usability and fast loading times”.
Well, I would hope so!

“Well, I would hope so” Test

The “Well, I would hope so test” goes like this: Read your website text, and after each proclamation of services, ask yourself, could I say “Well, I would hope so” to this?
For example, so many website will say “Experienced professionals”. Well, I would hope so – I wouldn’t dream of doing business with a Un-experienced Non-professional.
A website is not just something to look pretty and grab attention. It needs the right words to show the buyer that “Hey, I understand you, and here is how I am going to make your life better”, in 7 seconds or less.

Examples of story brand websites

How to start

Technical Specifications

  • NEW Custom Design OR Custom re-design of existing content
  • WordPress CMS (Content Management System) setup
  • Contact and Lead Generating forms
  • SEO code optimization
  • Google Analytics setup
  • CloudFlare setup for security and speed
  • WordPress Security tools
  • Secure and FAST hosting
  • Customized strategy session to define and implement your website marketing goals
  • Story Brand home page custom design
  • Custom copywriting for the home page (Startseite) according to the story Brand Script (requires completed Story Brand workshop)
  • High-quality stock photos and videos included
  • Forms to collect contact info of interested visitors with any Lead Generating Asset which client provides (e.g. PDF Whitepaper)
  • Data privacy features (cookie banners, policy pages)
  • Website code plugins updates for security for 1 year included free ($10/month after the first year)
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Instagram integration
  • Custom written and designed Lead Generating Assets (Interesting content PDFs that a visitor can download by giving their email address, and then be added to your Email Drip Campaigns)
  • E-mail campaign tool setup
  • Story Brand landing page copywriting for additional products or services pages
  • Landing pages to use with paid advertising like Facebook or Google Ads
  • Sales Funnels, with unlimited "next step" funnel pages to increase conversions
  • Integrated Credit Card payment processor for selling products or services with the sales funnel
  • Unlimited blog pages for SEO
  • Unlimited support and updates
  • Google tag manager
  • Google Business setup and integration
  • Connect to your CRM to import visitor data from forms
  • Custom icons and graphical illustrations
  • 1-day photo session for you and your products
  • Promo videos
  • E-commerce or Property Listing add-on
  • Unlimited pages

Bexolutions. Hero-Centric Marketing.

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Story brand framework​

Remember websites in 1999 compared to today? In the same way, a website using the story-brand 7-part framework are the future.

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We don't just make websites. We build businesses with the best best tools, structure, and guidance.
How do we know it's the best? Because we hunt for it!

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"What most people never do, and lose customers"
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"5 Things your website needs in 2022"

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"What most people never do, and lose customers"
Discover why...

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