Story Brand

“The foundation of Hero-Centric Marketing.”

A 7-part storytelling framework that helps businesses clarify their message so that customers listen.

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1-1 consulting

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Done-for-you marketing material

This might not be for you, but have you ever...

A story brand workshop is just what you need!

Why is your marketing not bringing in more leads?

Your potential customers have 1000’s of options every day.

If you aren’t crystal clear about how your business solves their problem and makes their life better fast, you’re losing money.

Stop confusing your customers

Even if you have the best product in the marketplace, you will lose to a competitor’s inferior product if they communicate more clearly.

In fact — businesses that clarify their message & make a sales funnel with that message, thrive in business.

At the story brand workshop, you’ll get both done in 48 hours AND get 1-1 coaching so you can easily get it done right.

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“If you confuse, you’ll lose.
Human beings are drawn to clarity. They are repelled by confusion.
Never have a confusing message again after the story brand workshop.”

In the Story Brand Marketing Workshop,

you'll get a clear message about WHAT you offer,

and WHY customers should choose you.

A clear message allows you to create…

A message that that can be understood by your team and customers in 7 seconds
An elevator pitch you can use in meetings, at events or on sales calls
A wireframe for a new website that will get you more business
 A lead generator to collect emails and onboard customers
An email campaign to close the deal and increase sales

Use Story Brand to Transform Your Marketing So Your Business Grows

What is the story brand 7-part framework?


Story brand is a messaging framework created by New York Times Best-Selling author, Donald Miller. 

It uses 7 elements of storytelling to help you invite your customer into a story that ends in their own success. 

Why it works

Hero Centric Marketing
(story brand)


vs. The “Old Way”

Hero Centric Marketing
(story brand)

vs. The “Old Way”

The customer feels understood, and the Hero of their life, which means they can trust your business as their guide.

Talk “About Us”, about our team, about our building, and about how great we are.

Makes everything easy to understand in 7 seconds.

Use specs, numbers and jargon to convey credibility.

Tell me what you offer fast!

Too much long, boring text. More boring than Instagram.

An easy customer journey to convert up to 50% more visitors.

Only targets 3% of “buy-now” visitors.

Ready To Get Clear About What You Offer?

It’s time to make life easier with simple and clear marketing that grows your business.

Workshops or 1-1

Workshop Take-Away Assets

  • Ideal Customer (Hero) Profile

    Get absolutely clear who your ideal customer is.

    Because when you speak from their point of view, your Hero will listen to their Guide - you.

  • Hero & Guide Brand Script

    You will now see the whole picture of your customer and know exactly how to guide them at each step.

    You will also eliminate confusing messages and speak from your customers point of view so that they understand your offer in 7 seconds or less.

  • Mission Statement

    Do you know your mission statement right now? Is it easy to remember and compelling? We will craft one together with the "WOW" effect.

  • Identify your USP

    Your USP, or as we call it, your MDP - Marketing Dominating Position.

    We'll find out what you can say to set you FAR apart from any competitors, so that you become the obvious choice for your ideal clients.

    You'll write a clear message about what you offer, and why customers should choose you.

  • One-Liner Elevator Pitch

    Craft a one-liner that customers can’t forget, so your brand and USP is always on their minds. You will use it in meetings, at events and on sales calls.


    Free website and Social Media assessment to see how story brand will create new results.

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“Remember, people like to follow leaders who communicate clearlyand customers like to buy from brands that clearly explain how they can make a customer’s life better.”

– Donald Miller, author of Building a StoryBrand

How to start

Marketing is a Waste of Money...

…if you don’t get the words right first.
It’s easy for marketing agencies to tell you to spend money on Facebook ads, or SEO, or Google Ads. But if they’re not taking the time to get the right words, you’d be better off just saving your money.
But on the flip side, when the words are right, everything works better.
Ads have better ROI, emails get opened, customers refer more, and it’s easier to grow.

Examples of story brand websites

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“In every line of copy we write, we’re either serving the customer’s story or descending into confusion;

we’re either making music or making noise.”

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How to start

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