Use Story Brand to Transform Your Business

January 19-20
Zürich, Switzerland

Step 1:
Join the workshop

Step 2:
Create your Story board

Step 3:
Transform your website

Step 4:
Watch sales grow

Without a clear message, customers will overlook you.

When you rebuild your marketing message during the Storybrand Workshop, orders and sales increase.

Is a confusing message costing you money?

Your potential customers have 1000’s of options every day.

If you aren’t crystal clear about how your business solves their problem and makes their life better, you’re losing money.

When your marketing isn’t clear…

“Even if you have the best product, you will still lose to a competitor if they communicate more clearly.

In fact — businesses that clarify their message & make a sales funnel with that message,
thrive in business.

At the Bexolutions story brand workshop, you’ll get both done in 2 days, and get 1-1 guidance so that you know you are getting it right.

What is Story brand?

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Story brand is a 7-part storytelling framework that helps businesses clarify their message so that customers listen, and buy.

Created by New York Times Best-Selling author, Donald Miller, Story brand has already changed thousands of companies worldwide.

Register now for the Story Brand Marketing Workshop,

so that you can create a clear message about WHAT you offer,
and WHY customers should choose you.

January 19-20
Zürich, Switzerland

2 full days with fellow entrepreneurs

Wiesenstrasse 10A
8952 Schlieren

Day 1

You will discover how to clearly state your USP (Unique Service Proposition) in a way that potential customers can understand it, fast.

Then we will craft your own 7-part story board so that you, your company’s team, and your customers, all understand why your solution is the best.

Day 2

Using your new story board, we will write a website landing page script together, so that your website transforms – from an information dumping ground to a prospect converting power house.


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